Walking through the busy streets and markets in Asia, you are awestruck and amazed by the aromas and tantalizing variety of food stalls that fill the streets, creating a delicious culinary obstacle course.

Asian street food is the most convenient and accessible of Asian cuisines. At Bar Asia we dedicate ourselves to bringing that unique experience of Asian street food to you.

Les Huynh is the man behind the team at Bar Asia with more than 20 years experience in Asian cooking. He is the founder of the iconic, award winning, Blue Ginger (Balmain), Ginger Room (Neutral Bay), Dragonfly (Collaroy) and the award winning Chi and Co. (Canley Heights). Les is also the author of two cook books, “Blue Ginger” & “Takeaway”. 

"Our restaurants and takeaways are fast and friendly and built on a simple formula of  employing great people, using top quality ingredients and cooking each dish to order. Our fantastic team then serve meals fresh to our customers in record time."


Some of Our Favourites


Steamed Dumplings

pork + shiitake mushroom


Laksa Noodle Soup

our house made delicious Malaysian curry soup with rice vermicelli, tofu puffs, bean sprouts and fried onion


Beef Rendang Curry

Malay-style slow braised beef in rich coconut milk, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves and spices served with steamed rice 



Lemongrass Angus Beef Vermicelli Salad

with fresh herbs, bean sprouts, cucumber, fried onion, peanuts and dressing


Char Kway Teow

a street hawker favourite — fresh rice noodles with prawns, chicken, bbq pork, eggs, bean sprouts and house-blend dark soy sauce


Black Sticky Rice Pudding

served with coconut cream, roasted sesame seeds, peanuts, and young shredded coconut



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